Program of Global Estuaries Forum

Program of the 3rd Global Estuaries Forum

DEAUVILLE, Villa Le Cercle

From 15h: Welcome & Registration
16h30: Opening keynote speech by Philippe AUGIER, Mayor of Deauville
1er Vice-président du Pôle métropolitain de l’Estuaire de la Seine
16h45 -18h15 : Panel I: Building sustainable and circular estuaries
At the crossroads of wealthy ecosystems and thriving urban and industrial development, estuaries are remarkable territories to test and implement circular management tools and methods. From governance, planning and technological opportunities to resource recovery, our speakers will show a first peak of what they achieved in their own estuaries.
18h15 – 18h35: Innovation & Impact I: Seine estuary
18h35 – 19h: Closing interview: Michael NOLAN,
Président, UN Global Compact Cities Program, RMIT
19h: Diner cocktail

LE HAVRE, Carré des Docks

9h30: Welcome
9h30-9h40: Opening speech by Jean-Baptiste GASTINNE, Deputy-Mayor of Le Havre
9h40 – 11h: Panel II: Estuaries at the forefront of Climate Change
Climate uncertainty is a source of growing threats for estuaries but also brings new opportunities for investment, innovation and enhanced protection. Cities will discuss how they transformed, for the better, their urban landscape to cope with rising sea levels and altered rain patterns moving estuarine shorelines.
11h – 11h15: Innovation & Impact II: Jacques BREMOND, CEO and Founder, Optemar
Optemar is a system designed by a team of French entrepreneurs capable of generating substantive savings in fuel consumption and reducing polluting air emissions. Such an innovative solution is crucial given the scale of CO2 emissions emanating from shipping and the overall environmental impact on oceans, fisheries and, in fine, estuarine ecosystems.
11h15 – 11h30: Coffee Break
11h30 – 12h45: Panel III: Reconquering our riverbanks, the new urban challenge
To protect their citizens and infrastructures from potential floods or to enhance urban lifestyle and bring citizens closer to their rivers, the largest cities in the world have embarked on a journey to integrate the riverbanks as part of the urban experience. This session will discuss and share best practices from cities who invested, not without local political and economic issues.
12h45 – 14h30 Lunch break
14h30 – 15h45: Panel IV: How estuaries have captured global travel and tourism
Estuaries are a natural hub for tourism given the breadth of experience, landscape, biodiversity and history they can offer. Players from the industry tell us how estuaries are capturing a share of global travel and waterway tourism, a business which is predicted to expand massively in the next 10 years. They will also share their concerns regarding ecosystem and heritage preservation.
15h45 – 16h: Coffee break
16h – 17h15: Panel VI: Empowering estuaries with sustainable logistics
In the past years, there has been growing investment in sustainable and green logistics. Estuaries being a global driver for industrial and economic growth, public and private decision-makers are assessing their exposure to transition risks (climate, regulation) and implemented sustainable supply chain management.
17h15 – 18h30: One Planet Summit +6: following-up on action
Paris hosted the One Planet Summit in December 2017 with over fifty mayors from cities concerned with climate change and resilient infrastructures. Ahead of the Global Climate action summit (California, September 2018) and the second One Planet Summit (Paris, December, 2018), mayors of the Global Estuaries Forum will review their action plan and commitments to remain below the 2°C target set by the Paris Agreement in 2015.
20h: Official diner

LE HAVRE, Carré des Docks

9h – 10h15: Panel VII: Turning estuaries into clean, renewable power stations
Hear from the latest renewable projects, from small to larger scale land and offshore windfarms, solar and hydro plants, and how they are becoming truly competitive with regards to fossil fuel.       
10h15 – 10h35: Innovation & Impact II
10h35 – 10h55: Coffee break
10h55 – 11h05 :  Economic panorama of the Seine Valley by the Normandy Chamber of Commerce & Industry
11h05 – 12h30: Panel V: Mobilizing leadership and capital for estuaries
Estuaries are complex and fascinating territories to manage: ecosystems, urban, energy and mobility networks require inter-disciplinarily skills and governance methods. Deciding on investment strategies and allocation is even more challenging when estuaries are under multiple authorities, from local to regional and national levels. Public and private leaders share their experience in piloting the necessary projects, from decision-making to investment funding.
12h30: Closing speech by Luc LEMONNIER, Mayor of Le Havre
13h: Lunch break
14h30 -16h: Social event: local visit organized by the Global Estuaries Forum

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