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          About us
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          Company profile
          Company profile

          Bayannur Huashuo Food Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise that was restructured from the original Huayue Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. and has been engaged in agricultural and sideline products for more than ten years. Before 2003, it mainly focused on the circulation of goods, and then carried out business reform, integrating the processing and trade of agricultural and sideline products. The company is located in Langshan Town, Linhe District, Bayannur City, in the hinterland of the beautiful, rich and outstanding Hetao Plain, adjacent to the surging Yellow River in the south and the rolling Yinshan Mountain in the north. This area is a food base with beautiful environment and abundant sunflowers

          The company covers an area of 12000 square meters, has 6 production lines for sunflower seeds and gourd seeds, and has more than 20 professional and technical personnel of all kinds. The company has advanced production lines with advanced equipment, and installed large-scale equipment such as sorter, hydrometer, stone remover, screening machine, grinder, polishing machine, color sorter, sheller, automatic packer, etc

          Creating the development of domestic and foreign markets, understanding the needs of customers, mastering the latest information, and serving each customer well are the intermediate goals of our company's development. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "details determine success or failure, ideas determine the way out", firmly believes in the cooperation mode of "honesty based, seeking truth from facts, and win-win cooperation", and provides high-quality services for our customers