Global Estuaries Forum

The world’s estuaries are a source of wealth, both for the ecosystems they nurture and for the populations that line their banks. This inaugural forum, hosted by the Association Estuaire de la Seine Territoire de L’Eau in Deauville, France will bring together  a cross-sector of global stakeholders to discuss and tackle the challenges, benefits and frequently divergent interests facing these important waters. Our estuaries are becoming increasingly vulnerable as we seek to strike a balance between economic development and environmental stewardship. The three-day forum will launch a conversation that will both address the pressing issues surrounding estuaries today and create a platform for discussion for generations to come.



Thriving, Innovating and Diversifying Estuaries Sustainably


The Forum brings together global leaders and innovators from business, government, academia and research, and civil society to explore the opportunities and map out the obstacles that must be overcome to protect and foster flourishing estuarine ecosystems.

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